Welcome to Hakari

A multidisciplinary puzzle game

Some guidance

  • Read carefully, these may help you through the 41 levels
  • Each level requires you to either figure out the next step, or provide a correct answer to progress
  • Numerous clues are always given, but they may not be obvious, keep an open mind and be curious to find them
  • Anything could be a clue, but some may just be a red herring
  • In some cases you will have to do research or get creative to find an answer
  • Submitting a correct answer will take you to the next level; answers are not case sensitive, all submissions are converted to lower case
  • Saving the URL could be helpful if you need to get back there again
  • A multidisciplinary mindset is going to be useful; there are levels about movies, music, books, poetry, code breaking, and hunting for things online. It's hard. You might get frustrated.
  • Note that mobile works, but some levels will be significantly harder to solve than on desktop
  • Check out the leaderboard for finishers
  • Enjoy Hakari. If you get really stuck, the about page has a way to reach out

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